Pygmalion – sonnet

within the sweetness of your stillness, flows
such beauty, layered mute along your gaze
as you behold me!…and as silence grows,
my soul gets lost within your quiet maze.
out of my hands you poured your curves, to be
kissed by my heart and longed for by my blood –
out of my dreams you bloomed into the “she”
whose lot was to become a royal flood
of painful yearning in my very core.
but what’s the use of light when eyes are blind?
the more I touch your ivory, the more
I wish I kept you locked within my mind.
for once my soul has found the one true fire,
but it’s just ice that meets my lips’ desire…



© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “Pygmalion – sonnet”
  1. Pete Armetta says:

    I love Pygmalion. 🙂 I actually wrote a short short story a while back with that title about a woman who treated her man like Pygmalion. Fascinating and great sonnet here too. Hope you are well.

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