[…]Suddenly she felt a slight itch, right there, on her back. Unable to resist the reflex, she tried to reach that spot, in order to scratch it. Silence built around her contortions, with an almost luxuriant richness of texture, silky and meaningful. She felt her – contagiously infected with life – atoms absorbing the flow of time, and she remained still. For a while, she didn’t dare to move…

It’s in my being.

…but then everything fell into place.

The road was straight, the grass was green, and the sky, bleached of all trace of flight, curved softly around her gaze, cupping within its blue cloudlessness her silent wonder.

It’s in my beautifully salted blood.

The river of her mind hushed, paused and dissolved sunlight. Reflexes of “now” and “then” started to shine in all the corners of its depths, as if the photons plucked out of the bright beams had begun to beacon like a tarmac for truth to find its way out.

It’s always been here…even when I didn’t see it.

A grasshopper jumped out of nowhere and broke the pattern of stillness. She stopped and kept her breath – a mild attempt to oppose the need for motion of the world surrounding her. Then, after a brief flutter of wings, the Monarch took her flight. […]



© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “emerging”
  1. That was breath taking Lily …transcending all the spiritual barriers 🙂

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