it’s easy to be elitists.

it’s easy to consider ourselves
from the top of our mound of clay.

it’s easy to confess our beauty
when others are so, but SO

it’s outrageously easy
to judge, intoxicated by the strong air
of the heights where we find ourselves,
the smallness of the things that are far from us.

but aren’t we
just as far
from those things?!
© Liliana Negoi

originally written in Romanian

5 Responses to “cream”
  1. Has been a while Liliana for me reading a write of yours and must say I have missed the cadence at which you deliver… A great read

  2. Roberta West says:

    You say it with panache, lilli! Being elitist is defeating our natures spirit of being at one with each other. Smiling at you


  3. ch3815h says:

    it is the greatest error, because falls you down.

  4. granbee says:

    Yes, dear Lili, we are very far indeed from things of worth when we hold ourselves too high!

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