tonight i will lay my thoughts not on some pillow
but on a mound of earth,
to allow them to take roots
and to spread those deep, deep underground,
in search for water and lava,
to socialize with them and to feed on them
and to bring up to the surface,
up to the core of my insomnia,
the boiling taste of depths.

then i will take the newly formed sprout
and i will plant it right in the middle of a white piece of paper,
and i will allow it the freedom to choose
whether to become a poem or a story
(though i do hope that it will be a poem…),
and i will watch it grow and bear blooms,
whose perfume, pristine and raw, i will inhale.

after a while, i will take the paper
and i will tear it into very small pieces,
and i will let the morning wind pick each of those at a time
and carry it towards a different direction,
until all the corners of the wind rose
will be marked and pinned down by one of the paper fragments.

then, when my (hopefully) poem will be covering all that is seen,
and when the night will be almost over,
i will watch lazily
the sunrise filtered through the residual scent of my former thoughts,
proud of what will have become of their atoms…


© Liliana Negoi

4 Responses to “topiary”
  1. ch3815h says:

    the sun also rises, of course. in think so!

  2. granbee says:

    How wonderful to image the written poem as fragmented to dust over all the land and spread like the fragrance atoms of the rose!

  3. timzauto says:

    nice post …we would love for you to write a poem for our challenge , just follow this link we have challenges one a week ..Thanks Tim

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