a sandglass of footsteps

the wind scratches the road’s back,
while the latter stretches its bones
like some asphalt cat
overwhelmed by the heat of summer midnights
flowing thick and dry all over it.

yesterday’s prints still linger along its skin,
like a string of beads,
worn but still smelling like
the beautiful dust of life.

silent, the road smiles a grey, toothless smile –
so many things it saw,
so many things it carried –
and waits.

as time wipes away slowly the remains of dreams,
the road, smelling like fresh to’s and from’s,
dresses with another dawn,
ready to be again
a sandglass of footsteps

© Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “a sandglass of footsteps”
  1. ch3815h says:

    sand is your favourite element, it seems! nice poem of traveler passing steps.

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