a tale of wheels

[…] the day when energy turned into matter
darkness, vast and silent,
mourned its ruins around the suns spread all around the universe,
watching as light wounded its hips,
flowing through invisible capillaries
in all directions within its body.

light, young and ignorant,
spread carelessly through the murkiness,
enjoying its newly discovered freedom,
curious to unveil the freshly formed matter
and neglecting with nonchalance the pain that it caused while doing so.

“may you feel the way I feel!”
moaned darkness in agony,
while light pierced it untramelled.

and soon, light found matter, and darkness felt avenged,
for each time something dammed it, lo, light’s limbs were scarred,
and so, light bled shadows all over the place,
ghostly reminders of darkness’s shred womb […]



© Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “a tale of wheels”
  1. granbee says:

    A wondrous turn at the wheel of Creation you have given us. Thank you, Lili!

  2. Sridevi says:

    This is so wonderously unique Lily !:)

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