Himmel und Hölle – sonnet

“O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis […]”

when playing hopscotch on god’s tesserae,
don’t waste the sand on “odd or even” choices –
the thread you’re given by the Moirae
won’t over-stretch. allow the inner voices
of faith and instinct to direct you through,
accept the “lows” the same way as the “highs” –
if to yourself and to the game you’re true,
then you are worthy of the utmost prize:
a life lived to the fullest. when you’re done,
the only thing that matters is your learning
that right and wrong are faces of the one
same coin in which is paid your rightful earning.
from hell to heaven distance can be small –
and the converse is valid for us all.

© Liliana Negoi



Himmel und Hölle – literally means “heaven and hell” in german. wordplay -“Himmel und Hölle” is also the name of hopscotch in the same language.

“O Fortuna/ velut luna/ statu variabilis […]” (latin) – “O Fortune,/ variable/ as the moon […]”

One Response to “Himmel und Hölle – sonnet”
  1. granbee says:

    Ah, but we all hope to land on the bright side of the coin with our last breath on earth, don’t we?

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