[…] in my palm drunken with stains of sunrise
a moth searches for the path of yesterday
while rays vibrate under the voice of a blackbird,
like a violin string swooshing ‘neath a fidlestick

sounds glide, blunt and sharp,
and light shivers in search for a fulcrum within them –
the moth is doomed to see its end
but no sweeter coffin would it want than my hand –

so i hide its death in braided shadows,
allowing sands alone to commune on its ghost,
for i know that now, smelling like the moth’s death,
my palm will smear the sunrays with its dreams […]



© Liliana Negoi

3 Responses to “fume”
  1. Pete Armetta says:

    Wonderfully visual and graphic and profound. Lovely reading Liliana. 🙂

  2. granbee says:

    Imagine spreading the moth’s dreams out into the sunbeams! You are so very talented and original here in your imager, Lili! What a privilege to learn from you here in cyberspace.

  3. apolloscrow says:

    You know, I usually have a hard time reading other people’s poetry. It can be such an internal, personal thing that for someone else to experience it externally, in the third person, does not always work out. Actually I was just rambling about this on my own blog.

    The reason I’m saying this is… your poem is beautiful. And that doesn’t happen to me very often, where I will read someone’s poem and actually feel its beauty. So thank you. I will be checking out your blog for more. Keep it up.

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