spring cleaning – sonnet

i’ll plant my roots inside the bones of march
and sip the sunlight flowing through its veins,
an apple tree will be my spinal arch,
its blossoms meant to keep my thoughts in chains,
beneath my eyelids, icicles of salt
will melt into swift rivulets of green
and i will spring myself outside my vault
to flood the earth with beauty never seen,
my skin tattooed with sounds of sprouting words
will gloriously flaunt its jewelish guise
and floating on my whispers, flocks of birds
will redefine the flimsiness of skies –
perhaps when crushed by the aurora’s sole,
i will forget the winter from my soul


© Liliana Negoi

3 Responses to “spring cleaning – sonnet”
  1. yelena says:

    now the spring has really come, Lily!so refreshing and blooming with light your words are 🙂

  2. Pete Armetta says:

    Wonderfully transcendental and beautiful piece of writing here Liliana, I picture such wonderful things and smell the blossoms while I read it. Just lovely.


  3. granbee says:

    Dear LIli, this is the very BEST ode to spring I have read this year! Wonderfully chock full of so many of my favorite springtime joys! Thank you!

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