pins and needles in god’s tongue

[…] you say “surreal”…

there’s no such thing as “surreal” –
things beyond the reach of the numb limbs of our conscience
need not the blessing of our knowledge
to exist

but figure this:
words do not need us to survive –
and when we pluck them randomly from god’s tongue
we barely cream their first layer of meanings,
trying to prove our ownership of their roots,
while they keep digging deep in our own flesh,
marking our path with their pulse

picture this:
all the words on this planet
linked together in a giant chain,
the ultimate DNA of language,
no vocables absenting
from this not aerial, not fluid,
neither soft nor tender,
not gentle
and by no means delicate
proof of reign

for the uprooted words
we are merely intruders
staining their dimension with our unchainness,
but should you hold my hand
and I hers
and she his
and he the other’s,
we’d begin to become at our turn
an almost perfect catena of goddish residues
and then we may aspire to mirror them –

after all, what we are to words
is just seeds […]



© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “pins and needles in god’s tongue”
  1. granbee says:

    Yes we must connect to each other to form the proper lineform for all of God’s words!

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