sonnet in g minor

the grinning gray geometry of thoughts
extends its gimpy limbs with gritty skin
into the hidden meaning of “why not’s”
like greedy tentacles that groan and spin,
and nude, the gorgeous gravity of time
is flaunting glamorously beads of sand
attempting vainly to conceal the grime
grotesquely tarnishing “because”’s land.
a gaud is every second, chiming cheap
around the neck of gawky fate – who cares
if in a ghastly grave i’ll fall asleep
or if the stars reflect my grieving glares,
if only in the blandness of the ground
i’ll find the peace that yet I haven’t found?

© Liliana Negoi

3 Responses to “sonnet in g minor”
  1. Yes the minor chord… love the wording used to create a gnarled opening

  2. granbee says:

    Wonderful use of minor chord G words to create this journey to the final minor G–the grave!

  3. elizena says:

    Very nice and from the grinning gray geometry to the gorgeous gravity of time to the grime
    grotesquely tarnishing “because”’s land all the way to the end, to the ghastly graves and grieving glares, I found myself caught and held until the last word.
    You always write in such a way as to grab your reader by the throat and as we gurgle our last you finally let go. Very well done. Blessings.

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