in the field of lavender twilight was floating,
playing hide and seek with the fireflies.

“wisdom hurts” he murmured,
“gray is painful and words lose their innocence
under the weight of thoughts”.

he dived slowly inside the ocean of perfume,
stroking hypnotically the sleepy flowers,
staining his robe with pollen smelling like dead sunlight.

with each step under his feet night grew
and silence bloomed on his lips
from the petiole of a sigh –
“mine are the dreams…”

touched by darkness, lavender moaned –
sky dilated and stars began to swirl in random patterns –
and in another world sunrise exploded



© Liliana Negoi

5 Responses to “complementary”
  1. yelena says:

    Lily, this is indecribable.

  2. yelena says:

    oh my..i dived so deep that i made a mistake; i meant ‘indescribable’ ))

  3. granbee says:

    Wonderful night trippings of lavendar moaning while around a curve of the earth the sun is exploding. This is always the promise. This is always the fate of night trippings.

  4. elizena says:

    Whoa!! This totally exploded in my mind as I read it. Twilight was a living, breathing entity and I actually could see him as he walked through the lavender and as his robe touched the lavender, the awesome fragrance of lavender, purple night and stars was released and went floating upwards into the heavens. Oh! Such a wonderful piece! Blessings!

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