rosae sapientia – sonnet

capriccios rose, ye whirling flow of perfume
intoxicating people with your essence,
alluring in your velvet petals’ costume,
why is your beauty doomed to evanescence?
is it for reigning over other flowers
too haughtily unfolding your prestige?
or maybe for your hypnotizing powers
that hold one’s admiration in your liege?
or maybe it’s because your thorny keepers
which claim a bloody toll through stinging pain
from those who dare to try to be your reapers?
“when keeping your eyes shut, you look in vain –
i’m meant to teach you, witless walking sleepers,
about the transiency of every reign.”



© Liliana Negoi

5 Responses to “rosae sapientia – sonnet”
  1. robgraber says:

    A most enjoyable sonnet!

  2. elizena says:

    Really enjoyed reading this and made me remember the rosebushes we used to have in front of our house when I was a child. Summers were awesome, The roses would wake me up every morning with their awesome scent and I loved to stroke the soft, silkiness of the petals. Blessings!

  3. granbee says:

    Rose petals fall, some caught on their own thorns, and continue to show us “the transiency of every reign.” What a wonderful set of images to speak to us about rankings and impermanencies in the human condition! The rose teaches us in “beauty like the night.” Thank you, dear Lili, for your ever-exquisite poetry that teaches so thoroughly!

  4. Oliviu Craznic says:

    Quite stylish, I must say.

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