excerpt from the current River issue

A Poet/Writer’s Family Critique – Survey Conclusions

by Liliana Negoi

Many of you, dear readers of The River Journal, are poets and writers. Many of you spend hours each day with the quill in your hands, guiding to light, in the two-dimensional space of a page, the multi-dimensional outcome of your imagination. To some of you this comes easy, to others it doesn’t, but one important aspect in this matter is the degree of support you get in pursuing your goal from the people composing your family and friends environment.

Therefore we recently decided, here at The River Journal, to conduct a survey meant to find out the usual circumstances that surround a poet/writer’s activity – and we warmly thank all of you who accepted to sacrifice a few minutes from your precious time to provide us with information. […]

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One Response to “excerpt from the current River issue”
  1. granbee says:

    Congratulations on a great idea for a survey! I will just say that I am surrounded by the wonders of creation, the support of some loving family members, a few friends who “get it” in person, and many more who “get it” in this wonderful blogosphere of ours! Also, just reading good poetry, in periodicals, books, and online is wonderfully supportive.

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