sub rosa – sonnet

he sinks his gaze into the depths of skies
and then inhales the scent of falling rain
dissolved in grayness. from his misty eyes
the mossy shade of an unspoken pain
begins to creep to surface. seconds flow –
and withered petals of forgotten times
endow his mind with the translucent glow
of past, helped by the sound of vespers’ chimes.
her icon, buried deeply under tears,
is just as young today as long ago –
he still recalls, despite the many years,
her coffin’s flow’ry scent when earthed below.
“she always smelled like roses…this is why
i sowed them on her grave…”, i heard his sigh.



© Liliana Negoi

3 Responses to “sub rosa – sonnet”
  1. This is incredibly beautiful, kiddo. Wow, what a treat to read this morning!

  2. granbee says:

    A hauntingly lovely ode honoring the love of the one left for the one passed away. From gazing into the skies above to cherishing the roses planted on her grave. this sorrowing soul finds strength in his love for the one whose grave he visits while gazing up, exhaling aside, and sighing down.

  3. elizena says:

    This is beautiful, but sad. I remember watching my mother picking up a book or something else that had belonged to my father and holding it under her nose and breathing deeply and telling me, “This smells like your daddy,” and her eyes would well up. They were two halves of a whole and you can’t forget part of yourself. Blessings.

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