it used to be simple.

filiform roots spread gingerly,
conquering soil with a tender patience
and smoothing away the dust
grain by grain
in search for water veins.

earth breathed around them,
the odor of the jungle flowing thickly
through the vegetal fragility raking it –
bold filaments
meant to sagely braid themselves
into future wooden snakes
crossing the undergrounds of the forest.

above them eyes blinked,
growing faces and legs,
growing mouths,
hungry mouths and teeth,
perfect fangs,
to which foliage was but a place to lurch,
a momentary den.

sometimes, roots tasted blood,
earth became spongy and red
and satiated beasts catnapped on the bed of stained herbs –
but roots didn’t mind.

lately though,
what water carries with it
is the acid mind of the clay,
burning its path through fangs and eyes and roots
and coagulating life in its very amnios.

it’s not simple anymore.

© Liliana Negoi

8 Responses to “growth”
  1. granbee says:

    No, Lili, it certainly is NOT simple anymore, now that we humans have acidified everything on earth with our “conveniences”. So glad you wrote about this in your usual exotically gorgeous manner of versifying!

  2. coalblack says:

    no, not simple at all. you said it well, lady.

  3. Filiform, grain by grain, all those other beautiful images — perfection. So well said. Here’s to simplicity; may we re-discover ourselves before it’s too late.

  4. PoetJanstie says:

    You’re too right, Liliana, if anything, it is even less simple than it was when you wrote this originally! Interesting how, reading this creates images in my mind that take me back thousands if not millions of years; and there’s plenty of heart in this poem.

    • Thank you for dropping by and for commenting :). And yes, the initial imagery is one of thousands of years ago :). Back when humankind hadn’t stained yet with its assumed evolution the face of this planet.

  5. Jamie Dedes says:

    How fine-minded to pint to the complexity of our time vs. the simplicity of millenniumns ago, back to our roots and origins. You’ve done that honestly and with grace. Thank you for joining in our event, Lily. You never disappoint.

  6. dragonkatet says:

    This was so well said! You have some really nice phrasing in this piece; “vegetal fragility”, ” meant to sagely braid themselves” are a couple of my favorites. Beyond just the lyrical sounds of it when read aloud, the meaning is quite clear and deep. How I wish that everything were simple once more. Thank you for sharing this with us. 🙂

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