furtive – sonnet

my shadow cradled in your longing gaze
endures with gratitude the lashing blink
that fractures its translucent glassy haze
dissolving it in teary salty ink.
your eyes i feel, when guided by my prints
they gently trace the path i took and take,
though often farness’ vitriolic splints
sink deep, inveigling you to all forsake.
you hunt my trail, i strive to not look back,
though in your name my oxygen resides,
i keep on going, while my moves you track,
and i pretend to look at other sides,
so that at times, when you my touch don’t guess,
my shadow can again your eye caress.

© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “furtive – sonnet”
  1. granbee says:

    Very intricate, multi-layered description of either a first meeting/instant attraction or a re-encounter after an absence. I love the shadow being cradled in the gaze and finally caressing the eye. Very successful.

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