excerpt from the current issue of The River Journal

Up Close – A Tapestry of Poetess’s: A Princess of Poetry

by Liliana Negoi

Our poetic journey takes us today to the 7th century Japan, when the history of poetry was enriched with the life and creations of the one considered to be the Mother of Japanese literature, Nukada-no-Ookimi.

Permanently alive in the hearts of the people belonging to the Nippon nation, Nukada is believed to have been as beautiful as she was intelligent, but unfortunately no image of hers was preserved in time.

As a proof of the high admiration her creations instilled in people, stands the fact that no other woman ever included in the famous Man’yōshū* had risen such interest. Authors have spoken about her in various texts, painters have attempted to imagine her figure, and she remained the same important poetic personality nowadays as she was over a thousand years ago.

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One Response to “excerpt from the current issue of The River Journal”
  1. granbee says:

    Lili, I had no idea there was one single female considered to be the mother of Japanese literature. So eager to follow up on this information. Once again, thanks SO much for the helpful post.

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