December 1st

Today we are Romanians. More than anything else, it’s assumed that today we forget about the misery from this country and we remember only the beautiful part of the word „Romanian”. There is a beautiful part, believe me – and I’m not referring only to what the majority of strangers, as a proof of ignorance, recognize – Nadia and Hagi. It is true that these two are a couple of big exponents of this beauty, but they are not the only ones. And if others won’t say it, I will.
So today I chose to be proud of my origin, firstly because this origin includes names like George Enescu and Ion Creanga, like Henri Coanda and Nicolae Grigorescu, like Liviu Constantinescu and Calin Popovici. And for many others. The majority of those who will read these lines probably have no idea that Popovici was an astrophysicist or that Constantinescu was a geophysicist, and it’s a pity. Because these are only two of the many who honor this nation – like for instance so many scientists working miracles day by day, calling themselves „Romanians” both here and abroad, so many artists who were and are the most beautiful medals of honor on the chest of this country, and so many simple people who continue to hope that this country has a future.
Yes, we are Romanians, and maybe many Anne*’s are buried within the walls of this country, but in the end it is precisely for those Anne’s that I am proud today to be called „Romanian”.

*Anne – referring to a Romanian legend according to which a builder named Manole, while building the church Curtea de Arges, faced a curse according to which what he was building during daytime, by nighttime tumbled down, so he had to bury his own wife in the walls of a church he was building so that the walls don’t fall anymore.

2 Responses to “December 1st”
  1. granbee says:

    You are SO justified in being proud to be a Romanian. Heaven forfend that ANYONE would dare to have you feel otherwise! I really appreciate, as an addicted researcher/abstractor, your pointing out “Popovici was an astrophysicist or that Constantinescu was a geophysicist.” Definitely on my googling and reading lists now. Thanks Lili!

    • thank you :). it matters hugely to me that you said this, because too many people have gotten used to call romanians all sort of bad names, like thieves and cowards and criminals and stuff like that. there’s a saying here, in Romania, which translated would sound like this: there’s no forest without some sapless trees. and in my opinion, my country should not have to pay the price of being disdained because of a handful of such “sapless” people. the Romanian people is not represented by such individuals, and it’s sad that the majority of people from western countries choose consciously to ignore the real values coming from this country. life here isn’t “en rose”, indeed – but from such a less pink situation rose such wonderful people. those are the ones truly representing Romania – those are the people that make me proud of belonging to this nation.

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