far cry

damned to always yearn for heat,
adjusting its hues
to the blade of sunrise,
bleeding other colors than itself
along the mountains’ zig-zagged razor.
slashed by eagle cries,
blue breathes the ecstasy of dreams
swimming in its depths,
communing on the residual essence of humanity
imprinting it with hope.
and even beyond the smoke-smeared clouds,
and even beyond clay’s ashen breath
devouring it with sinful ignorance,
blue still floats, perforated,
suspended between heaven and hell,
like an ever tireless zeppelin
of peace…



© Liliana Negoi

7 Responses to “far cry”
  1. granbee says:

    I LOVED this post, didn’t just “like” it, Lili! As a physics major my first two years of college, and a follower of science reporting ever since, I just appreciated so much this powerfully poetic approach to describing a soul’s reception of the changes at even sub-atomic levels as the new day dawns to blue sky. Also loved the symbolism of the “blue” and the other colors in only SEEMING conflict!

  2. Morning says:

    blue hue, way too cool.

    imprinting with hope, like it.

  3. ahh! Such a conflict such a pain in lines!
    I could feel each word…it was truly hurtful!

    Well depicted strong emotions..
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  4. kez says:

    blue such a vital and yet disregarded colour loved your poem thank you x

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