still nature with rain and rambling thoughts

it’s raining outside…
the first serious rain in a couple of months now,
smelling like overdue october –
you know,
that smell of autumn
suddenly regaining memory after a long summer,
claiming its wet rights over bronzed nature…

by now the earth has adopted
a resigned attitude,
giving up all hope to feel the hand
of an intermediary season
between summer and winter,
and somehow the rain-drenched soil poses incredulous
while the sky rushes to demonstrate
its autumnal translucent allegiance.

no wind today –
i bet poor bastard was not in the mood
to accompany autumn’s belated entrance.
he’s out there, somewhere,
probably polishing his breath against some other
latitude/longitude point of intersection
than mine.
mine was seemingly not that appealing…

it’s raining,
and vine leaves fight not anymore against gravity.
the petiole of so many of them runs out of will of life
and they hurry to embrace the underground mother root.
trees are slowly balding too…
so is my voice…

i know i don’t belong to this pastel.
i’m much too dark for the sweet rustiness
hurrying to take control over the entire place.
my contours should be less precise,
allowing raindrops to even the asperities of my silence.
i am not old enough to be a part
of the beautiful wisdom happening around me…

rain continues to flow,
with a guilty smile,
washing the gracefully sinless face of some stones,
bringing to light their ecstatic patience –
such wonderful teachers they are…
and such lame assistant is my gaze…

i miss you…

© Liliana Negoi


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