once on a side street

a collage of wounded birds
were crashing inside his violin –
striving not to survive
but to remind the world that they lived,
not in a bright allegro
but in an adagio and flageolet,
not in the public’s ears
but instead of his heart…



© Liliana Negoi

18 Responses to “once on a side street”
  1. This is a beautiful piece – the brevity enhances the images: it’s like a beautiful gemstone.

  2. shawnacy says:

    oh my … sigh.
    if you really did this in one minute i will go puce with envy.
    this is a winged portrait of music.
    a breathtaking octave.
    i have to read it again.
    and again.

  3. Shen Hart says:

    This was just superb! Such a wonderous piece penned in a quick little space

  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    Ahh… I love this musical treat. Thanks for taking part, Liliana!

  5. Mike Patrick says:

    Wonderful. I had to look up flageolet. Your music is more learned than mine, but the beauty of your poetry I understand.

  6. brenda w says:

    Your opening image is breathtaking. Exquisite write.

  7. Doctor FTSE says:

    I do like the “calamity of wounded birds” and the progression thereafter. Just amazing in one minute>

  8. jinksy says:

    I heard the violin in your words…

  9. Absolutely first rate writing……I can hear the birds in the violin…..fabulous!

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