corrosion – sonnet

an old typewriter’s chink disrupts with shyness
the cyanotic flow of midnight’s death –
slow poison for the flowers, summer’s dryness
is sucking all the water from their breath.
a hand with tired, shaky, wrinkled fingers
courageously attempts to fight despair
and to ignore the loneliness that lingers
by gently striking keys. a squeaking chair
and a gray cat’s soft purr are all the vying
against the silent seconds’ serenade –
while seconds die though, silence isn’t dying,
and cuts right to the bone with ruthless blade.
“when sieved with dark regrets, nights crawl so glum:
so many gone – so many more to come…”

© Liliana Negoi

16 Responses to “corrosion – sonnet”
  1. Well, I love a sonnet… and this is why. You have made the form your own; it has all beauty of a classic but with the resonant tone of a modern writer. I enjoyed every line.

  2. This is stunning. The form and meter are perfection, and the story it so poignantly tells really impacts the reader. Wonderful writing!

  3. Shen Hart says:

    I’m rather jealous of your effortless control over such graceful forms as this! The elegance of the images set upon the page setting the tale is stunning as always.

  4. Rob Graber says:

    Enjoyed this one, Lilly!

  5. Robin says:

    a Sonnet that reverbrates through me , and my Cat

  6. Kim Nelson says:

    form and diction are impressive in this one… and the last two lines, their message? divine.

  7. Old Raven says:

    This held me still, holding my breath. Excellent.

  8. Baishali says:

    perfect and deep …

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