pas d’lendemains

today i write about you.
(don’t you always? : )…)

about the art of tenderly forgetting
the material sacrosanct
and the lame architecture of…
(oh please, spare me the industrial clichés…)
…the old bed in which we’re lying
next to one another.

(we’re clichéd enough, you and i, my dear,
wouldn’t you agree?
the “i’, the “you” and the “we” –
people are getting tired to read about “us”.)

wrought iron encasing an old mattress
in which we imprinted at turns
our lustful moans and frustrated curses
for feeling betrayed by the prostitution of seconds –
yes, time fucking us leisurely
while we were “busy making other plans”.

(you are listening too much of that John Lennon LP lately…)

won’t you just listen to me?!
we’re growing OLD!


we should be wiser!!

(no, we shouldn’t…
OLD doesn’t necessarily mean wiser –
besides, be grateful that in our case
OLD doesn’t mean “senile”)

maybe it does and we’re not aware…
i’m just saying,
maybe it’s time
(oh, that “fucking” time again *smiling amused*)
to open our eyes and become aware
of the changes in us…

(*pausing a little*…are you sure you want this?)

i’m not…
but i really need to put your death behind me…

© Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “pas d’lendemains”
  1. Such a sweet and poignant conversation. With a punch at the last line. Such powerful writing.

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