remembering the old ways –
pagoda doors blessed by sakura cascades –

some of us escaped
the voodoo doll stage,
unpinning from their minds
the thorns of withered brier –

a tea brewed from an arabian night
sipped from a rising crescent
a silver dragon asleep in the dune
wrap the breathsilk of fantasy
this dream borne on an eastern wind


raising waves under wooden arks
the moon bathing in a splash of sunlight
while the sun shamelessly watches her
seducing the ebb tides
and birthing mermaids

tangled waves lap at limestone gates
a crystal sphere washes ashore
spinning upon opal grains

mirrored shell of violet sanctum
a transition of the heart – osmosis

night and day balanced
on the tip of a jade javelin

the onyx in your eyes flowing
gloving dreams in timeless flight
blurry vistas –
……………………. lucid reel
a moment crumbles into sacred slivers
falling upon weary knees
tarnished armor s l o w l y    r   e   m   o   v   e   d

coalescing stars pool into the sky
the eerie light of a soul fire
                     as history continues to bleed

© Liliana Negoi and Robin Amaral

4 Responses to “talus”
  1. Robin says:

    so wonderful to join you and co-create this piece Lilly , such a pleasure to mingle our imaginations

  2. This is a superb blending of two of the finest poetical minds I have ever met… a surreal dream with an under-current of passion.

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