reveille needed

the yinyanged grammar of life
dissected by ignorant claws –
surviving social ectopy

no one burns, no one learns


aren’t you tired
to just float at the surface
of a muddy pond?

feeding the parched earth
with your slimy blood
won’t redeem your veins for guiding its flow –
your heart keeps pumping monotonously
the inertial pulse of a decrepit numbness

with no winds changing
the daily sunlight looks as if clipped
from some old comics
right before the world ascertaining
its doom…

© Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “reveille needed”
  1. Fyodor Lewis says:

    Great poem I read it and re-read it. What do you mean by ectopy? If you don’t mind me asking.

    • hi, and first of all thanks for dropping by to read and comment :).

      secondly – ectopy is defined as being “a condition in which an organ or substance is not in its natural or proper place” – like ectopic pregnancies for instance.
      in my poem “social ectopy” relates to the fact that we don’t find our place anymore in this world – the feeling of misplacement, either as a man or as a woman (the “yinyanged grammar of life”). people are focusing too much on appearances and too little on true values – and in this rhythm i fear society will degenerate under the the superficial gloss of “civilization”.
      i hope this brings a bit of light on the essence of this poem of mine :).

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