no, this time i’m not serving any philosophic conclusion – feel free to let your imagination run wild 🙂

suspended in diamantine waiting
above the very center of the eye of Horus,
exposed to hues of blue of a velvety iris,
light was hanging,
its contours clipped away
from the mantles of concentrated darkness surrounding it.

caressed by the cilia of patience,
it docilely expected
to be allowed to dive
in the vitreous depths beneath it
and to contaminate their entropy
with residual heavenness.

reluctant though to cryogenic touches,
Horus sneezed unexpectedly
and hewed by a rebel blink
light died within the eye
crashing against the assumed retina,
the facets of its death sounding pearled
like marbles rolling on a wooden floor.


© Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “altermyth”
  1. This is a very esoteric journey of the imagination. I thought your concluding stanza was most extraordinary – loved the unexpectedness of Horus’ sneeze and the death of light in the eye.

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