words coated with
midnight and drops of summer
doze as if on a meadow
on our lips
tired of the roots of seconds.
‘let the sun flow!’
a voice is heard,
and suddenly from my palm
sunrise gushes red
like the cherries we killed –
sacrifices on the altar of our tongues
meant to keep dreams at a distance.
we smile in silence,
contemplating quietly
the empty coffee pot –
the eternal tragedy of our causeries.
‘it’s daytime’ you whisper gently,
as if wanting to remind me
that we’re not in high school anymore.
but i know already…
i know that soon each of us
will head towards someone else…



© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “unslept”
  1. what lovely expression, long time not seen, missed you.
    hope all is well.

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