blunt shoulder blades

ribbon my blue –
rhyme it with my crumpled bed sheet
soaked in Oscar Peterson’s finger drippings
and splash my midnight
deformed by boulders of silence
crumbling on my sisyphic hunchback.
i think today
my tears will need prosthesis
to keep their path straight
and prevent their conversion into
the rhumbs of a broken compass rose
which keeps orienting towards
anything but north.
(i know, you’ve heard that before…)
tokens of my once upon a wordling
wait piled in the salt cellar
to experience the saffron color
of burnt sodium chloride,
while kids take those for fireworks
(sweet innocence – what do they know about blazed waters…)
and i’m still here,
spinning ink into days
and false clouds into magic carpets
and contenting myself with
uneasy endings



© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “blunt shoulder blades”
  1. Compelling !!! Anything else I say will only dilute the effect. Truly compelling!!:-)

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