who am i trying to fool around here? it’s useless, no matter what i do those “things” keep coming to surface through my skin…i look at them horrified, each time i see a new one. lately i began to wear only black long sleeved shirts all buttoned up and black trousers to hide my body entirely, and also black gloves – most people think i’m in sables, and they don’t dare ask about my clothing habits. but they will begin to ask questions in the near future – because now those marks started to grow on my face, close to my ears – pretty soon they’ll be impossible to cover…i bought the most expensive foundation creams and powders, and you can still see them, even when thickly covered with that make-up mask…so i’m trying to build up my moral for when the time will come when no matter what i’ll try to do, those marks won’t be conceivable anymore…when people will stare at my skin all covered in poems and wonder what weird seed was rooted within my depths so that words would snake to the surface through my skin like some otherworldly limbs…




© Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “inkling”
  1. Rob Graber says:

    Good luck with the continuing cover-up


    Enjoyed this a lot, Lilly!

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