Lilith grieves

Lilith grieves,
the weight of Samael’s wings
ripping her shoulder blades.
salty blood unlocked from her eyes
coils around her gaze,
coagulating within the petals of his gift –
one rose which she desperately tries
to melt within her bosom –

i was you
and never knew it.

the leftovers of his breath
still lingering in the pollen,
she squeezes the fragile flower in her hand
cursing the unshackled night
menacing her thistly bower –
why she hides here is no secret,
for only here doth her mourning find shelter,
in the cradle of her helplessness –

a rose’s rarest essence
lives in the thorn.

the rose’s thorns,
carrying on their tips
remains of his heart,
are trying to imprint her palm
with his dislocated fears,
ignorant of the fact that her palm
is already the map of his love,
and not knowing how deep they should sting
so that her smile would bloom again.

but knowing depends
on the time spent looking!

so Lilith gazes
pinning the rose’s reflection to her retina,
searching for Samael in the cascade
of withering scents flooding her hideout,
and hearing his loving whisper
as it was sang the night before,
when he rooted his wings in her shoulders
before bleeding his heart into that rose –

do not grieve – anything you lose
comes round in another form.

© Liliana Negoi

the quotes in italics belong to Rumi.

3 Responses to “Lilith grieves”
  1. Hi Liliana,
    Many of your poems have implanted something very deeply in me. I would like to translate some of them into Manipuri and German, specially this one first. Would you permit me?

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