unorthodox sermons – reason of Eve

really now, folks,
just how many Adams do you think
God threw into the recycle bin
before him getting tired of drafts
and allowing with a bored
“whatever” on his lips
for humanity to begin its current cycle?

and even after the first official Adam
came out from the shadowed clay
subdued by God’s fingers,
things didn’t get any easier.
for, you see,
it may have looked like
the creation of Adam had been
an effortless act of divinity,
but let’s face it – God always had
sufficient provisions of clay
to form and re-form him…

whereas Eve…

well, that is another story…
not only that God used a different raw material,
but that was rather limited, i’d say –
just how many ribs do you think
Adam would have been willing to give up
in order to get himself a proper pair?

so the real mastery of God’s creation
lies in Eve’s existence,
in that single brush of perfection
God used in bringing her to life –
just think of what he managed to do
from one damn rib…

now some of you will say
that had Eve been so perfect,
we’d still be living in Eden…

but that, dears, is a sermon
for another time…


© Liliana Negoi

2 Responses to “unorthodox sermons – reason of Eve”
  1. Jane Ellis says:

    I love the calm, matter of fact and conversational tone about this. It has the pauses in the right place to really add to the point and carry is across.

  2. Dear Liliana,
    I enjoyed your comments on the creation story (II)., seemed to be more like philosophical musings than poetry, scant imagery or sensory words, but very thought provoking.

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