tangent paths

the tip of my toes
slowly sliding on the edge of insanity
flirts with the sharp edge of
and my hollow soul
knows nothing else aside
the spice of random sounds
torturing the empty room…

sudden bursts of sparks
too shy to birth fireworks
leave trails of ash beneath my eyelids
and god!
how i’d cry my pain out of here…

rose stings would now be
velvet to my numb feet
and poison just another
communion wine…

i am
with your gaze
and my solitude,
while words lose valences
on their way to hell…

on my way…

© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “tangent paths”
  1. I know I already commented elsewhere, but I have to tell you I think the lines, “sudden bursts of sparks//too shy to birth fireworks//leave trails of ash beneath my eyelids” are just brilliant! An artful masterpiece Lilly!

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