i was looking at her…
is this how it works,
mirror-mirror on the wall?
you add a few more pixels
to the reflection and say
that’s better than the most
snow-whitish legend of them all?
because, you know,
i was looking at her…
how does someone so beautiful
become suddenly so ugly?!
what turns the perception of
loveliness against itself?!
no muscles used for smiling,
just a hideous sneer spreading
over a pair of pale cheeks,
transforming the splendor of a
once beloved face
into an imperfect support for
a badly drawn mask of make-up…
i was looking at her,
and i suddenly hated her…
so much that i wished
i could have just slapped her and
bring her again with her feet on the ground…
on my ground…
but breaking you into a thousand pieces
would only mean i’d have to stand
for a thousand reflections of herself
staring at me with those tired eyes,
crying my hidden tears from them…




© Liliana Negoi

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