lost scrolls of Jezebel – I

[..] she looked at the monk in front of her, smiling an impish smile to what he had just proclaimed: “you cannot touch me with your charms, lust is a sin, be gone!”. she then fixed her gaze upon his eyes, forcing him to look straight at her, while she came closer and closer to him, letting him guess the shape of her breasts beneath the silken robe, and while caressing his neck with her hot breath, grinning because of his obvious shivers, she hissed into his ear: “lust is no sin, brother…lust is just a momentary weakness of the flesh. the real sin is born when you pretend in front of others that your skin is not bearing the mark of weakness, when in fact your body willingly remembers that weakness again and again, under the night’s protective veils…just like you will remember me…”[…]


© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “lost scrolls of Jezebel – I”
  1. 2zpoint says:

    I would agree that the lack of acknowledgment is a dishonest lie due to the obvious attraction (what was notice by both) She spoke and acted so boldly…she saw something that gave away his position. Perhaps it was the conclusion that he drew by what he said?
    Seems probable and real in it’s nature. Great interaction between the two.

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