prayer – for Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally Week 31 (October 21-27)

shreds of fog,
ripped off the morning’s body,
lay, inert, across the numb hills,
waiting to be picked by pixies
and braided into soft laces…
my thought is running,
chasing the dreams of the night,
searching among evaporating drops of dew
and shameless sun rays
for the oasis of your soul…
and as day and night melt together
in a silvery whirl of wishes,
all i keep praying for
is a way to make the sand waves
take me faster to my lover…

© Liliana Negoi

17 Responses to “prayer – for Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally Week 31 (October 21-27)”
  1. Jingle says:

    best wishes.
    prayers lead you fly to your lover,
    how clever,

    love your sentiments here.

  2. 2zpoint says:

    I love to watch the fog when its low. I like to watch it shrink away as the sun comes up…it reminds me of coming out of a dream …from floating on cloud and landing back on the ground. Great thoughts and scenes but it just doesn’t seem magical or anything else when your missing someone does it? That is kind of what it was like when I would drive a big truck and see the whole country.

  3. Nice prayer..hope you reach your lover soon

  4. You are an wonderful poet.. I am inspired by your works.. Loved your thoughts..

    An Ode to Friendship

    Happy Rally

    –Someone Is Special–

  5. likewine says:

    ah that is beautiful. I think the imagery is truly beautiful. It is my kind of poem. 🙂 Love it.

  6. mairmusic says:

    A great write! Love the flow of your words.

  7. hindawy says:

    “Take me faster to my lover”

    A wish most people seem to have if not all:)

    My participation for week 31

  8. kyoichi says:

    this is like a passage from those old greek myths. only they always have an ending to mourn for.

    i like it =]


  9. siubhan says:

    beautiful imagery; the way you paint the dawn is so powerful, and this piece has an understated sensuality that is lovely.

  10. suzicate says:

    shreds of fog,
    ripped off the morning’s body, – a beautiful image!

  11. dasuntoucha says:

    Beautiful prayer…definitely enjoy your work.

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