tell me

you shall know my thoughts
by the way i drink my glass of red wine…
if i have it inattentively,
with ignorant lips and distracted eyes,
then you’re not the one i expect…
if i just taste it, and then leave it aside,
then you may be somehow interesting,
but not on my taste…
but if i sip it drop by drop,
enjoying the feeling of the silky wet touch on my lips,
letting it make me feel dizzy,
slowly admiring the exquisite bouquet of flavors,
then you may feel free of replacing my glass with your lips
and intoxicate me with your love…
so tell me, what am i thinking about you now?…


© Liliana Negoi

4 Responses to “tell me”
  1. datsme says:

    Totally loved it 🙂
    Somehow I could even visualize it..all with a fancy restaurant and light music and all.

  2. Jingle says:

    please help pay a visit to riika and leo today to wish them well..
    Thanks a ton.
    u rock!
    Happy Monday!
    hope to See you at potluck today.

  3. 2zpoint says:

    How true the signs tell… women…who would have thunk it! (just a play on words we use here in case you’re wondering.)
    My wife just had me pick up a wine called Manischewitz (German/Jewish: made in America) yesterday… the cream red concord is excellent.

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