define me…
you, who seem to hold the key to my unborn hopes
and who seem to have already screened out
the sand into which i will lose my footsteps,
give me my definition…
name me…
assume your role of creator
and instill in my soul
the embers of my name…
who am i to you?
what am i to you?
you, who watch in silence my learning how to walk
on the path of pain…
am i anything more to you
than the piece of coal with which you drew
the sorrow in my heart?
or was i only the modest pedestal of your pen,
from which a few drops of ink gave birth to my soul by accident?…

© Liliana Negoi

One Response to “nameless”
  1. Adriana says:

    even if we know what we want…we never will be able to find us and the questions “who am i” and “what am I” for the others will be always in our thoughts

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