letter from beyond

last night I sneaked unnoticed
and followed your footsteps to the beach…
I watched you in that silent and bright red sunset…
while you were admiring alone the birth of the stars
with that so known to me calm and slightly ironic smile
blossomed in the corner of your mouth…
you were holding a glass of rosé d’anjou ,
having a toast for the dying sun and for the rising moon,
and I could feel your eyes wondering in the sky,
dreaming of worlds afar…
and when the wine caressed your lips,
I wished that my fingers were in its place,
and that they could feel your unborn words
striving to become alive…
“after all this time, I still miss you!…”
a quick blink of an eye, to hide the tear…
your hair tousled by what you took as an innocent breeze –
– my hand pulled back to the sky after feeling you once again…
I miss you too, my love!…

© Liliana Negoi


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